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About Dr. Milind Sathe

Dr. Milind Sathe graduated in medicine from Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Indore in 1987 with an MBBS and a DTCD( Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases). He has done Fellowship in Preventive cardiology from Apollo Medvarsity. He started his career with private practice thereafter moving into industrial practice. He has been associated with many big time companies like Cipla, L&T, Avtec etc. Occupational hazard management and employee health management has been one of his core area of expertise. He then moved to Vishesh Hospital taking care of the Preventive Health Care Department.  He has  worked with CHL Hospital in Indore managing the Health Check ups and post check up consultation.

Dr Sathe was positioned as a Medical Officer in Rajashree Apollo Hospital, Indore

Dr. Sathe has also continued private practice in medicine, chest diseases and allergy problems.

Currently, he is attached to Vone hospital, Indore as Consultant Physician & InCharge Preventive health Checkup. He also has his private practice at his residence below.

Availability at Clinic: 6.00 pm t0 9.00 pm

Call for Appointment or Book a Consultation at dr.milindsathe29@gmail.com